Wakeboard / Water Ski Wetsuits

Most general purpose or surfing wetsuits will work for wakeboarding or waterskiing. The oversize forearms and smoothskin exterior of our windsurfing wetsuits can also be beneficial behind the boat. Kiteboarding wetsuits with a below knee or ¾ leg length are nice since they don’t overlap or interfere with wakeboard or water ski high wrap bindings. Most riders find that with a ski or wake boat near by, getting by with a thinner wetsuit is possible.

Recreational Swimming Wetsuits

If you are looking for a little extra warmth when snorkling or while exercising in a chilly pool, a basic wetsuit designed for surfing will help to keep the chill off. 

If you are serious about open water distance swimming, you should consider one of our triathlon wetsuits.

Paddling Wetsuits

Choosing the right wetsuit for kayaking or rafting can be difficult. When you are in the boat, you generally don’t need much to keep warm and you risk overheating while paddling hard. Once you enter the water, however, it is rare to be too warm since most whitewater is freshly melted snow. Most paddlers prefer a sleeveless “farmer john” style wetsuit with a looser fitting splash top or dry top depending on the temperature. For colder conditions, a loose fitting breathable drysuit works best, but these are generally quite expensive. For warmer weather, waterproof splash resistant clothing may suffice in place of neoprene.
Wetsuit Guide by Water Temperatures
Our staff has many years of experience in fitting thousands of athletes for wetsuits. Please feel free to use the knowledge of our staff for a size recommendation.

We have found the chest/bust to be the a critical measurement when using our size charts. This measurement should be made with a cloth measuring tape, and measured around your chest/bust at the nipple level. While measuring you should relax your breath. Your arms should be down at your sides. It is best to have someone make this measurement for you. 

Next in importance is your height measurement, and finally weight.

Keep in mind...we offer a 30-Day Correct Size Guarantee. 

If you would like to have us recommend a size, please follow the link below...
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General Purpose Wetsuits

Our Charger Series are designed to cover a broad range of water sports including SUP, surfing, wake, waterski, and recreational swimming.

General Purpose Wetsuit
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