Replace Drysuit Collar = 60.00 (turtle neck style, non-latex rubber types only)
Replace Regular Collar (most types) = 54.00
Replace Shoulders = 87.00 (for both)
The following is a list of the most common repairs we see. If your repair is not on shown on the list, chances are we can still do it. When possible, we will try to match original colors, materials, and seam constructions. We have done thousands of repairs in our facility. Final repair proceedures will be determined by our technicians.
Replace Worn Elbows = 60.00 (for both)
Replace Worn Chest Area  = 54.00 (102.00 for whole panel)
Replace Long Sleeve Cuffs  = 54.00 (for both cuffs, no latex drysuit cuffs
Replace Worn Hip Areas = 117.00 (for both sides)
Replace Worn Crotch Area = 57.00 (for large area 66.00)
Replace Knees = 96.00 (for both)
Replace Back-Zip Zipper = 117.00 (for broken zippers)
Replace Back-Zip Zipper with Zipper Dam = 132.00 (newer styles)
Replace Neoprene Drysuit Zipper = 255.00 (new drysuit zipper and panel)
Re-Attach Zipper Car = 36.00
Replace Broken or missing Zipper Car = 57.00
Replace Collar Velcro = 24.00 (Hook and/or Loop)
Replace Worn Area at Base of Zipper = 54.00 (new material)
Repair Worn Area at Base of Zipper = 42.00 (patch only)
Replace Back of Knees = 102.00 (for both)
Replace Back of Calf Panels = 93.00 (for both)
Replace or Add Leg Zippers and Panels = 102.00 (for both)
Repair Leg Zipper Base with Patch = 36.00 (for both)
Replace Worn Leg Cuffs = 81.00 (for both, no latex drysuit cuffs)
Repair Small Gouges = 4.50 (each)
Repair Small Gouge with Inside Patch = 12.00 (each)
Check and/or Repair Stitching = 75.00 per hour shop rate
Check and/or Repair Non-Warrantee Seams = 75.00 per hour shop rate
Note: Minimum repair charge is $30.00 not including shipping charges.

Wetsuit Repair Estimates
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Note: Minimum repair charge is $30.00 not including shipping charges.
ProMotion Brand wetsuits receive a 30% DISCOUNT off of these repair prices
ProMotion Brand wetsuit receive a 30% DISCOUNT off of these prices.