The sport of surfing has come full circle with the revival of SUPing (stand up paddling), from when Hawaiian’s in the 1950’s SUPed out to take pictures of tourist surf lessons at Waikiki. Today SUPing has a number of new disciplines including open water down wind excursions, flat water paddling, and full-on wave slashing.

As you are generally less exposed SUPing than surfing, we have found that a SUP wetsuit should be slightly thinner than a surfing wetsuit in the same conditions. In warmer conditions, thin layers like our Men's ExoSkin or Women's ExoSkin work great. For sun protection our Men's RashGuards and Women's Rashguards are rated at UPF 50.

Hook and Loop shoulder closure on both shoulders.
Zippered Chest Pocket with Mesh Drainage.
Flatstitched Seams
Flexible Knee Pads
Anatomy of the Men's 2.5mm Men's SUP John and 1.5mm WaaSUP Jacket
2.5mm SuperStretch
Pouch Pocket with Mesh Drainage
(energy bars, water)
1.5mm SuperStretch
1.5mm SuperStretch
Polypro Underarm Pannels (venting).
Front Zip Opening
*Best for SUP*
SUP John and Jacket
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SUP John and WaaSUP Jacket