Sun Protection and Thermal Layering

Lycra rashguards offer great sun protection (UPF 50) but can actually make you colder due to evaporative cooling when worn by themselves in breezy conditions.  In addition to rash protection under a wetsuit, lycra rashguards help your suit slide on more easily and help your suit stay cleaner . It is easier to wash a rashguard than a wetsuit.

Polypro rashguards will offer extra warmth and sun protection, but can still cause evaporative cooling when exposed to the wind.  Polypro rashguard tops and bottoms are great layering pieces to extend the range of your wetsuit in colder conditions.  When worn under your wetsuit, polypro can make the suit feel 1-2mm warmer.  The wicking properties of the fleece lining against your skin adds to the warmth and comfort.

Our EXO Skin is a great material when worn by itself or with a wetsuit. Different from neoprene, EXO Skin is a warm polar fleece bonded to a windproof, waterproof rubberized outer layer. EXO Skin is thicker and warmer than polypro rashguards and shields you from evaporative cooling in the wind.  EXO Skin tops work great with boardshorts in warmer weather, and can be worn over or under your wetsuit in colder weather. Original EXO Skin doesn’t stretch as much as neoprene, so it is fit looser than a wetsuit. Our new Stretch Exo Skin can be worn snug like a wetsuit.

EXO Lite is our newest offering in tops for warmth and sun protection. The EXO Lite fabric is thinner and not as plush as our ExoSkin material.  The EXO Lite tops are also built with Polypropylene in the side panels, armpits, and collar.  The polypro panels give the tops more flexibility and breathability.
The EXO Lite tops work great when it is too warm for EXO Skin, but you still need some warmth and sun protection without the wind chill and evaporative cooling of a standard rashguard.
The longsleeve EXO Lite top is also a great companion piece to our short sleeve wetsuits.  It can be worn under your suit to give an extra layer of warmth to your core while adding a windproof layer of insulation and sun protection to your arms.

Wetsuit Guide by Water Temperatures
Our staff has many years of experience in fitting thousands of athletes for wetsuits. Please feel free to use the knowledge of our staff for a size recommendation.

We have found the chest/bust to be the a critical measurement when using our size charts. This measurement should be made with a cloth measuring tape, and measured around your chest/bust at the nipple level. While measuring you should relax your breath. Your arms should be down at your sides. It is best to have someone make this measurement for you. 

Next in importance is your height measurement, and finally weight.

Keep in mind...we offer a 30-Day Correct Size Guarantee. 

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Sun Protection and 
Thermal Layering
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