"ProMotion Wetsuits were in the water long before most of you knew what a triathlon was...you sacrifice nothing for the low price"

Triathlete Magazine

Just wanted to thank everyone at ProMotion for the outstanding products and responsiveness to our queries. My wife and I just completed our first (Olympic-distance) triathlon a couple of weeks ago, and your FluidDrive Fullsuits performed brilliantly. Although we had never raced in open water, your suits gave us outstanding buoyancy and slickness during the swim, helping us conserve energy for the bike and run parts of the triathlon. Your customer service was also outstanding, answering our questions about correct fit patiently and expertly. Kudos to ProMotion for the excellent wetsuits and terrific customer service.

Baltimore, MD

Just wanted to let you know I am a happy customer. I received my wetsuit last week and used it for the first time this past weekend. It looks to be of the highest quality and it is incredibly comfortable and helped make my windsurfing experience all the more fun. I'll be back to order a dry suit soon.

Quincy, MA

I just received the Men's Past Season After Burner Fullsuit I ordered last week and I can't say enough about your customer service. I received a reply to my email questions within hours and got a shipping notice with tracking number the same day I placed my order. I tried on the suit today and it fits perfectly. Thanks again for your assistance with my first wetsuit purchase.

Rochester Hills, MI

I purchased a 6/4 Crow surf wetsuit about 45 days ago, and I just wanted to say thanks for the quality product. I have been using it here in Lake Michigan almost every day with water temps around 40 F and it has been keeping me very warm. Thanks and I would reccomend this brand to anyone.

Ludington, MI

Just wanted to thank you for your great advice. My suit arrived this week and I tried it out today. The only concern I had was tightness in the neck, but once I started swimming, I didn't notice it at all. I am very pleased and am looking forward to some great swimming this spring.

Hudson, IL

You folks definitely run a 1st class operation.

Morristown, NJ

Warm, durable and comfy, my Men's 4/3 Storm Kite Full with ADV WindSkin has been with me on every spring kiting and windsurf session and never fails to impress.
Thanks ProMotion!

Hood River, OR

My new powerglide fullsuit arrived yesterday. In my opinion, the suit is awesome. I look forward to putting it through its paces this racing season.

Boise, ID

I just got my drysuit yesterday. The size you advised me to take is perfect. Could not suit me any better !
Thanks a lot

New York, NY

The wetsuit fits perfect !
Beautiful suit, really comfortable dry and fits just right.
Thanks again for a good product and I'll let you know how I do in my next tri !

Houston, TX

I got and have worn the suit. I love it!
It is the best fitting wet suit I've had in 30 years of windsurfing.

Berkeley, CA

Awesome, thanks!!
And just to reiterate one more time before I swim off into the sunset, I love the wetsuit, and you have been fantastic!!

Anchorage, AK

I have enjoyed my two wetsuit purchases. They have exceeded my expectation! Thank you!

Terre Haute, IN

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I just got my Power Glide sleeveless and I love it!
I have tried at least five other manufacturers and none match your product quality, features and price. I no longer will have to fight the suit and the water too!! If you ever want to use my comments feel free! I just felt like you should know because I thought customer service and good quality products for a fair price were gone for good.
Happy, Happy Customer

Sacramento, CA

Thank you very much for the recent repair of my wetsuit. You did an excellent job - it looks brand new. The thoroughness and quickness of your work speaks highly of your company philosophy and followthrough. My sincerest gratitude for a job well done.

Langley, WA

I bought my wetsuit last summer & love it! After my event a couple of weeks ago, I noticed the right knee seams are opening & it had a few finger pulls so I called the ProMotion office for help. They told me to send it back to them so they can fix it. A day after they received it, they called back to tell me that the seams are all fixed under the lifetime seam warranty. Very quick turn around & repair done is excellent! Thank you so much for your excellent customer service & excellent wetsuit! I highly recommend PRO MOTION wetsuits as I am a proud & satisfied owner!!!

Rohnert Park, CA

Just wanted you to know the wetsuit worked great! My 2-mile swim turned into a 3-mile swim, but it got me across Hood Canal and HOME!
Everyone has been so helpful.  Just wanted you to be part of the JOY!

Thanks, Your 62 year old swimmer, Judy

I just wanted to thank you for your excellent repair on my wetsuit. You guys are the best wetsuit provider out there. Thanks for your exceptional customer support. I will continue to get my suits from you and will recommend your company highly to anyone I know looking for a suit! 

Guy Wenzel

My Windsurfing season started for me two weeks ago. My second day out was one of those, "I love this sport" day. Of course I was tired by the time I got off the water, so I sat on my tailgate enjoying the day and recovering a bit before starting to remove my drysuit and other rubber.  To shorten this story, I finally got my drysuit down to my ankles, and I couldn't get it off.  Seriously, I couldn't get it off with my tired hands and lack of energy. So there I sat, and then I had a funny thought. My very expensive dry suit now was like a Chinese handcuff. The harder I tried, the tighter it seemed to get. If someone wanted to come rob me, I'd be shackled and not have a chance. I envisioned me falling on my face as I attempted to chase after someone. At the time it seemed really comical.
After getting home, I decided that was enough and to get rid of my drysuit (which was not a ProMotion suit by the way). So after some research I purchased a ProMotion 4/3 Storm Wind with ADV WindSkin. After using the suit several times since, I have nothing but praise about the suit, but most importantly how easy it is to get out of the suit. The material flexibility and cuff gusset sealing system really works and I no longer dread getting out of my suit.  What a relief!
Thanks for making a great product and windsurfing more fun!  Keep up the good work!  
Bill Kirksey
Midland, Michigan

As you may know, triathlete’s are a particularly gregarious bunch ... we talk all the time about training, races and equipment.  As such, word of mouth in the form of customer experience is particularly important, especially given the price of the toys required.
Here is an example of how doing the right thing and being in tune with a customer will pay dividends for time to come: http://www.beginnertriathlete.com/discussion/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=70935&posts=11#M747757  What is particularly impressive is how 'in tune' to her need is given the timing of the race.
I almost hesitate to send this in I am hoping not to jinx anything for her, but wanted to let you know that your good works were not going unnoticed.


Just wanted to thank the ProMotion team for their personal attention. In August I was looking to buy a fullsuit (I already own a ProMotion sleeveless which is still in great shape even after 5 years of pretty frequent use) and while I was sure I needed a large, your rep suggested that I might be better off with the ML. So you guys sent me both sizes. I found that the ML was the better fit. As soon as I returned the large my credit card was immediately credited the cost of the large suit. The products and your commitment to customer service are rare and why I tell everyone that Promotion is the only place they need to go for wetsuits. Thanks again. 

Sincerely, Robert O'Boyle

Hi, just thought I'd send you a line (or 2) after looking on your web site. I purchased a fluid drive fullsuit back in 2003, returning to England from working and living in Canada (Ottawa) for 3yrs. The price of the suit having only increased by $10 in 3yrs, amazing! I'm for ever getting admiring comments from other triathletes (about the suit). I'm pleased to say mine is still going strong, a quick wipe over with armorall every couple of months helps. I will definitely be purchasing another from you, should this one ever wear out!! 

Cheers, Ged Ormerod

Great website, friendly reps! Great prices. Thanks for your help in answering my questions regarding a tri suit! Very much appreciated! 

Eric MN

Hi, bought a Fluid Drive sleeveless from you last march thought I would drop you a line to let you know what impact it had on my season. Never having worn a tri suit before i hadn’t realized what a disadvantage I had been at for the last 20 years of surf lifesaving competition. After I bought the suit I was able to start open water training earlier in the season and stay in the water for longer. I was amazed at the increase in speed and reduction in effort required too. I had an excellent season winning the surf race for my age group in the Welsh Surf Lifesaving championships and came 3rd in my age group at the British championships. I was also more comfortable waiting for races to start, which is a big bonus. Hope to improve on this next year. 

Cheers Rob

Thank you so much for your help today. I will be recommending ProMotion to everyone I know. 

Portsmouth, NH

I just wanted to say Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  The suit arrived on Friday as scheduled and perfectly timed for Saturday which was cold and windy with temps in the 50's and I really needed it!   Thank you so much for getting it back so quickly!    
Lake Orion, MI

Just wanted to say thanks for your help.. and easy to navigate website.. 
Your customer service rocks
Fair Oaks Ranch, TX

It is not often in this world that you buy something and feel after you have purchased that item that you received a product of great value. But that is exactly how I feel towards Promotion wetsuits.  2 years ago I purchased a Men's 3mm Storm Convertible from you and I am pleased with its high quality, comfortable fit and durability. I’ve worn it 30+ times and it still looks and feels like new. Because of my good experience with my first Promotion wetsuit I am happy to tell you I’ve returned and placed an order for your Men's 5/3 Storm Wind wetsuit. I can hardly wait to give it a try.
Keep on making great products and I guarantee I’ll return to purchase more. 
Quincy, MA

I just want to thank you for your great service and excellent product. I wore my wetsuit last weekend and it was perfect! Easy to swim in and I wasn't cold at all! 
Thank you!

Oxnard, CA

Thanks!  You guys have the best customer service!  I love your stuff.  I can't even remember the first time I bought a ProMotion wetsuit but likely about 20 years ago or more.

LaVentana, MX

Just wanted to compliment your company on your customer service!  I called the phone number and got a REAL person instead of a "press 1 for...."  Thanks!  I love the wetsuit--no shoulder fatigue and great lower extremity buoyancy.

Mason City, IA

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