The AfterBurner Fullsuit triathlon wetsuit is available in both men's and women's sizes. Made with a full 5mm thickness in the mid-torso, 3mm's in the chest, back, and lower legs, and 2mm's in the arms. This model offers the added buoyancy of a full leg length. Our GlideSkin exterior is a slick yet gouge resistant finish. For fast exits, Leg Zips and our "Zipper Pull Stay System" are included.
The evolution of our triathlon wetsuits continues with the release of the JetStream Fullsuit. Built with a full 5mm thickness in the mid-torso, 3mm in the chest, back, and lower legs, and 2mm in the sleeves, the JetStream makes use of our most advanced neoprene ever…
“ADV-SmoothSkin”. The legs are three-quarter length for quick transitions. 
"ProMotion Wetsuits were in the water long before most of you knew what a triathlon sacrifice nothing for the low price" - 

Triathlete Magazine
Normal Angle
Less Drag Balanced Buoyancy Advantage
ProMotion's  Balanced
Buoyancy Advantage -

Combining panels of varied thickness to optimize body position.
Our premier offering combines all the features in a 3/4 length fullsuit.
JetStream Fullsuit
Triathlon After Burner Fullsuit
Race ready fullsuit with full leg length buoyancy.
In 1982, ProMotion became involved in the young sport of Triathlon by building the first triathlon wetsuits designed specifically for swimming rescue as used by the San Diego Lifeguards. Among this group were the sports first athletes. Now, 30 plus years later, ProMotion continues to excel in the Triathlon Wetsuit market with evolved designs widely regarded as the finest available and loyal support from athletes worldwide. Our latest collection includes the new Jetstream Series, and the classic AfterBurner. All ProMotion triathlon fullsuits are designed to achieve “balanced buoyancy” by optimizing panel thickness top to bottom for a natural swim feel.

Triathlon Wetsuits
3/4 length sleeveless version of our JetStream.
SlipStream Sleeveless
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The SlipStream is a sleeveless version of our JetStream Fullsuit and uses the same panel thickness layout but in a sleeveless version.