Our Wetsuit Repair Service
Be sure to rinse your wetsuit with fresh water after each use and hang to dry on a sturdy wide hanger. If you use your wetsuit in salt water or a chlorinated pool, you should rinse it more thoroughly after use and wash it more frequently with a wetsuit shampoo. Wetsuit specific shampoos have conditioners and chlorine removers that will help to extend the life of your wetsuit.

You should store your wetsuit right side out on a wide hanger or lying flat to minimize folding and creasing.  

Eventually your wetsuit may start to develop some odors. If rinsing and shampooing the wetsuit does not get rid of the smell, you can treat the wetsuit with Mirazyme odor eliminator.

How should I store my wetsuit?

It is best to store your wetsuit right side out, either lying flat or hanging on a wide hanger. If you use a wire hanger that is too skinny, it can cause permanent creases in the shoulders.

How long should my wetsuit last?

Neoprene tends to lose some of its flexibility as it ages, so athletes who use a wetsuit just a few times a year will probably find that their wetsuit never wears out, but after 5-6years, it won’t feel as good as it did when it was new. If you are lucky enough to spend a lot of time on the water, you can expect to get up to 100 days of use in your wetsuit before some areas of the neoprene will need to be repaired or replaced. Consistent exposure to saltwater and sunlight will also shorten the life of neoprene. Dry it in the shade.

Wetsuit Repair -

Larger repairs should generally be left to a professional, but you can repair small fingernail gouges yourself in just a few minutes. Fingernail cuts can occur on the smoothskin surfaces of a wetsuit if you are not careful. These gouges are not covered under warranty, but are easy to repair at home. Repairing them is a simple 10-15 minute job. See the "How To" to the right <<<

We recommend using Seal Cement from McNett for at home repairs. This wetsuit specific glue works like contact cement. It comes in a 4-ounce can that includes a small brush attached inside the lid or a 2-ounce tube that includes seam tape. Seal Cement is black and stays flexible after it dries so it will stretch along with the wetsuit.

Step 1:
Pinch the wetsuit at the point of the cut so that the cut opens up to reveal the surfaces that need to be glued back together.

Step 2:
Apply a thin layer of glue to both surfaces. Continue to fold the cut open while the glue dries. This will take about 10 minutes. Apply a second coat and allow to cure for 2 minutes.

Step 3:
Flatten out the wetsuit so that the two surfaces come togeather evenly. The bond is instant.

Step 4:
Pinch the area that has been bonded.

Step 5:

That's it. Wait at least one hour before using.

Tears over 1” or tears that go all the way through the material may need to be reinforced on the inside with seam tape. We can supply glue-on seam tape for this type of repair.

We maintain a full service wetsuit repair department for service on ProMotion brand wetsuits as well as most other brands. Please follow the link below for our Pro Wetsuit Repair Service.

Our Wetsuit Repair Service
Gouge Repair Step -1
Gouge Repair Step -2
Gouge Repair Step -3
Gouge Repair Step -4
Gouge Repair Step -5
How to repair a wetsuit gouge.
How to repair a wetsuit with a splitting seam.
How to repair a wetsuit with a torn seam.
Wetsuit Care and Repair
ProMotion Wetsuits Warranty

ProMotion Warranty and Repair information for our wetsuits, booties, hoods, ExoSkin, rashguards -UV protection, and buoyancy vests. 

If the product is found to be defective under normal use and proper care, ProMotion will repair or replace the product at our sole discretion. The decision to replace or repair a product is made by the ProMotion Warranty Department after receipt of the defective product. At no time does ProMotion offer refunds. Defective product should be returned clean and dry, postage prepaid. Please include product description, product defects, requested action, return address (be sure to include postal code, especially for Canadian addresses), daytime phone number with area code, customer’s name and a copy of the purchase receipt sent to the address below. Items returned without a copy of the retail receipt or that is not in our online database will NOT BE COVERED UNDER WARRANTY.

ProMotion Wetsuits
416 Cascade Ave.
Hood River, OR 97031 USA
The following will not be Covered Under Warranty 

>Products sold or classified as seconds
>Fading from sunlight
>Nylon II (jersey both sides) materials over 1 year old.
>Nylon I (jersey inside only) materials over 6 months old.
>Accessories over 90 days old.
>ExoSkin materials over 6 months old.
>Broken Zippers
>Repairs or alterations done by anyone other than ProMotion Wetsuits.

Seam and Stitch Warranty 

Flat-stitched products, glued and blindstitched products and liquid seam weld products: 
>Limited 1-year warranty (from date of original purchase) on workmanship.
Neoprene Dry Suits (Excluding Waterproof Zippers): 
>Limited 1-year warranty (from date of original purchase) on workmanship.
Fabric Dry Suits (Excluding Waterproof Zippers): 
>Limited 1-year warranty (from date of original purchase) on workmanship.
>Limited 90-day warranty on workmanship.

General U.S. and Canada Repair Information 

Repairs are to be returned clean and dry, postage paid. Please include the name and a daytime phone number with area code, return address (be sure to include postal code, especially Canadian addresses), product description, and requested action. For tracking, UPS is our suggested shipper. If helpful, please print and send the form from the link below...

Examples of suits that will be rejected for repair 

The following suits will be rejected for repair and returned to the customer. Even if the customer is willing to pay for the repair, we will not accept the suit, as doing so will take away resources from valid repairs, jeopardizing their turnaround time. 

>Re-gluing of seams using Aqua Seal, or like product.
>Patching of seams using duct tape, rubber patches, or like product.
>Re-sewn seams with sewing machine or by hand using needle and thread.

The suit is clearly worn and should be retired; some symptoms include but are not limited to: 

>Cracked, dry neoprene
>Product has been misused or improperly cared for. 
>Generally, any excessive repairs considering the condition or age of the suit.
Wetsuit Care And Repair

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