Windsurfing & Kiteboarding Wetsuits

Windsurfers and Kiteboarders will benefit from wearing a wetsuit designed specifically for windsports.  A windsurfing specific wetsuit will generally be cut with slightly oversize forearms to reduce cramping and fatigue when grabbing the boom. Windsport wetsuits will also have a higher percentage of smooth neoprene on the exterior of the wetsuit. Smooth neoprene sheds water better to help eliminate evaporative cooling that normally happens in a surf or dive style wetsuit.

Our windsurfing and kiteboarding wetsuits use our ADV WindSkin material. This is a composite that laminates a tough smooth skin on the outside resulting in a durable but smooth exterior.

What is the difference between surfing, kiteboarding, and windsurfing wetsuits?

Most of the major wetsuit companies specialize in building wetsuits for surfing. While these suits can be used for windsurfing and kiteboarding, they are not ideal.

Surfing Wetsuits will generally be built with jersey linned neoprene on the outside.  They will also be cut snug in the forearms.  While this is fine for surfing, it can cause cramping in the forearms and the jersey exterior will increase evaporative cooling (from wind chill) if used for windsurfing or kiteboarding.

Our Windsurfing Specific Wetsuits are built primarily with smoothskin neoprene to minimize evaporative cooling.  They will be noticeably warmer when exposed to the wind than a typical surfing suit of the same thickness. Our windsurfing suits are also cut slightly oversize in the forearms to reduce cramping.  When grasping the boom, your forearm muscles will “pump up”, and a suit that is too tight in the forearms can cause excess fatigue and cramping, especially when wearing gloves or mitts.

Our Kiteboarding Specific Wetsuits are a cross between a surfing wetsuit and a windsurfing wetsuit with additional kite specific features and reinforcements.  Our kiteboarding wesuits use jersey in the lower body for extra durability, with smoothskin in the upper body to fight wind chill.  The forearms are cut “medium loose” for grasping the kite control bar. This blend of features makes the kiteboarding wetsuits a great choice for someone who crosses over between sports including surfing, windsurfing, kiteboarding and standup paddling.     

Can I use a windsurfing wetsuit for surfing?

Yes, our windsurfing suits can be used for surfing, but they are not ideal.  The smoothskin in the thighs can make them more slippery on the board when lying down and paddling out.  The oversize forearms may also fill with excess water that can slosh around in the sleeves while paddling.  For Stand Up Paddle Surfing, the above does not apply and windsurfing suits can work very well for SUP in the surf.
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We have found the chest/bust to be the a critical measurement when using our size charts. This measurement should be made with a cloth measuring tape, and measured around your chest/bust at the nipple level. While measuring you should relax your breath. Your arms should be down at your sides. It is best to have someone make this measurement for you. 

Next in importance is your height measurement, and finally weight.

Keep in mind...we offer a 30-Day Correct Size Guarantee. 

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