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Anatomy of our ExoSkin
All of us here at ProMotion are hooked on ExoSkin and ExoLite. The materials we developed have a rubberized outer skin that’s bonded to a micro fleece interior (ExoSkin) or a rashguard (ExoLite). Think of it as a windbreaker-sweater for the water. It’s very lightweight, completely wind-proof, surprisingly warm and exceptionally comfortable due to the stretch and loose fitting design.  ExoSkin and ExoLite work great with boardshorts when it is not quite cold enough for a shorty. ExoSkin makes a great layer over your wetsuit while ExoLite is thin enough to fit under your wetsuit.
Blocks wind
Micro Fleece
Insulation on the inside.
Coating on the outside.
Repels water
Men's Long Sleeve ExoTop
Women's Long Sleeve ExoTop